phoneIn combination with good nutrition, colonic irrigation can provide a safe and gentle way to heal the body

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Towns’ Natural Health Clinic provides services to help you cleanse and promote health, healing, and well-being.

Based in Toronto for more than 30 years, our therapists have been providing colon hydrotherapy and helping people to understand that overall health can be determined by digestive wellness. In combination with good nutrition, colonic irrigation can provide a safe and gentle way to heal the body, making digestion and elimination more efficient. Colonics are a proven method for alleviating a variety of symptoms caused by poor absorption and/or food allergies; and used proactively, can be key to good physical maintenance and disease prevention.



Debbie_v4Debbie Ingham

Debbie Ingham has been a Practicing Holistic Therapist since 1995. She began her studies with 10 years of Macrobiotic nutrition, and then trained as a Colonic therapist under ‘Towns’ founder Barbara Towns in 2000.

Furthering her education, Debbie graduated from the Holistic Health Practitioner Program at Transformational Arts College in 2005. Continuing her studies there, she also graduated from the Soundwork as Soulwork program.

Debbie is certified in Colonic Irrigation, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Reiki and Attunement.

Debbie understands the deep connection between our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies and works with those principals to facilitate healing.

atefeh-picTef Shojai Zubkewych

After working ten years in banking and finance, Tef decided to refocus her path and pursue a career in complementary health therapies.

Working under the guidance and tutelage of Dr. Morris Zubkewych, she became versed in Bioresonance , and EAV therapies, and then in 2008 studied under Barbara Towns to receive her certification in Colon Hydrotherapy. In 2009 she attained training in the Carter Technique of Lymphatic Drainage and has received a certificate of study in this field.

Continuing her educaton, in 2010, she became a certified Reflexologist. She currently has her own practice located at the Integrated Health Centre ( called “The Detox Clinic,” which offers a variety of cleansing treatments including Colon Hydrotherapy, Lymphatic Drainage, Reflexology, ionCleanse, herbal wraps, and the Solo Infrared Sauna.