Barbara Towns has been a Registered Nurse since 1972 and maintains her New York State nursing license. She worked in ICU, CCU, ER, Surgery, Medical Surgical, and Psychiatry. Then, in 1979, she changed directions with her career towards a more holistic approach to healthcare, and became a Certified Colon Hydrotherapist. She studied the Woods Method of colonic hydrotherapy from Dr. Woods himself, who was 94 years of age when he passed on his knowledge to her.

She continued her studies in natural healing techniques in California, Chicago, Massachusetts, Buffalo, and Toronto. She has studied bio-feedback training, meditation, herbs and nutrition, aura balancing, energy work, Thai massage, relaxation massage at Sutherland Chan, lymphatic drainage, as well as psychotherapy, psychodrama, individual and group therapy, college and pediatric counseling. She also helped open, and was the chef at, two vegetarian restaurants; Soy Factory, and The Soyeteria.

Barbara believes in client centered treatment working with her patients bodies to bring balance and harmony restoring the basic health and wellbeing of each person who comes to her. Her treatments involve hands on massage, nutritional counseling, dietary feedback, and thirty years of experience to assist each client’s personal journey to their optimal selves. She is able to further influence the health and wellness of people throughout the GTA through her training classes for Colon Hydrotherapists. She has taught dozens of therapists throughout the GTA as well as students in California, BC, and England. She also provides counseling to many of her students when they encounter more complicated cases or clients with health conditions.

When not seeing patients, she can be found creating wonderful meals for clients, co-workers, and friends, as well as hiking with her husband and dog near their country home.