Before your treatment, you may be wondering if there are any special precautions that you should take, or any conditions which are contraindicated.

On the day of your appointment there is no fasting requirement; however, it can take several hours for food to be fully digested, so you should avoid foods which are spicy or gassy, as they may cause bloating or cramping during your treatment. Also, your therapist will be massaging your abdomen during the treatment, so you should not fill up on liquids before your appointment, and should make sure to relieve your bladder before you begin. A freshly cleaned gown will be provided for you to wear during your treatment. If it is your first treatment with us, you should come 10 minutes early to fill out a basic health history /consent form and plan to be in our office about one hour (30 minutes one-on-one treatment with your therapist).

If you are menstruating you can still come in for your scheduled appointment. This is a time when your body is naturally programmed to release waste and toxins; you may even find you have a stronger release during these days.

As for contraindications: though you can usually go forward with your

appointment, before your treatment you should inform your therapist if you are pregnant, have any major medical concerns, or are suffering from hemorrhoids or any colon pathology.


Working through a Colonic session


Information to digest / Food for Thought: A Basic Guide to Food Combining

Rule 1: Do not eat proteins and starches together. Your body requires an acid base to digest proteins and an alkaline base to digest starches. Proteins and starches combine well with green, leafy vegetables and non starchy vegetables, but they do not combine well with each other. If you must combine proteins and starches, include legumes.

Rule 2: Generally fruits should be eaten alone or with other fruits. if fruits seem too sweet, then eat a handful of nuts (4 fruit : 1 nut). Fruits digest so quickly that by the time they reach your stomach, they are already partially digested. If they are combined with other foods, they will rot and ferment.

Rule 3: Melons digest faster than any other food, so you should never eat melons with any other food including other fruits. Always eat melons on their own, at least twenty minutes before, or two hours after any other food.

Rule 4: Do not mix acid and/or sub-acid fruits with sweet fruits at the same meal. Acid fruits such as grapefruits, pineapples and strawberries, can be mixed with subacid fruits such as apple, grapes, and peaches, but neither of these categories can be mixed with sweet fruits, such as bananas , dates, or raisins.

Rule 5: Eat a maximum of four to six different fruits or vegetables at one meal

Rule 6: Fats and oils combine with everything (except fruits) but choose healthy fats and oils such as Olive oil, Coconut Oil, Avocado oil, Macadamia nut oil, Grass fed Butter, Gee, almond and Cashew butter.


Colon Therapy Commonly Asked Questions

If you have been researching Colonic Irrigation or Colon Hydrotherapy, you may have questions or concerns. Please know that we take all of your concerns to heart and endeavor to make this a positive experience in every way.


Does it hurt? – No. When colon therapy is done properly it is gentle, works closely the body’s rhythm and there is no pain.

What are the benefits?: You should feel lighter, clearer and overall much better at the end of your treatment. Colonics help to tone your bowel resulting in more efficiently and greater regularity.

How many treatments will I need?: Most people will benefit from bi-annual or quarterly treatments (once per season). Some people need more depending on their individual bowel pattern and reasons for seeking treatment. Your therapist will be able to better evaluate your needs after your first treatment.

How long does it take?: Every treatment is slightly different, but you should plan to be in our office for 45-60 minutes, with about half an hour consisting of dedicated one-on-one treatment with your therapist.

Does it wash away all of the friendly bacteria?: No. A small amount of normal flora is removed during the treatment, but is easily replaced by taking acidophilus capsules at the end of the treatment. A gentle treatment combined with these capsules should replenish the normal flora of your bowel within 24 hours. We can also implant friendly bacteria into the bowel during your treatment, please speak with your therapist about this option.

Is it hygienic?: Yes, we use disposable speculums. Fresh, clean gowns, towels and sheets are used for each client. Every effort is taken to provide a clean, hygienic, and safe environment.

How is a colonic different from an enema?: Both treatments are designed to remove fecal matter from the bowel, however there is a large difference between the two. An enema only cleanses the lower 8-12 inches of the colon, while a colonic will cleanse the entire large intestine; that can be over 7 feet! A colonic can stimulate a release of the cecum where toxins from the small intestine will collect, which an enema will not. Enemas are accomplished through the retention or water, thereby stretching and weakening the bowel wall. A colonic stimulates the bowel muscle through the gentle flow of the water which strengthens the bowel wall, not weakens it. Also, enemas can be quite messy and uncomfortable, while a colonic is safe, supervised, sanitary, and no mess whatsoever.

Is it dangerous?: No. When therapists are properly trained, colonics are perfectly safe. There is no possibility of cross-contamination (as there was with machine colonics in the early 70’s). We don’t use a pressurized machine, we use the Woods’ Gravity Method, which gently works with the body. With our system, you can never be given too much water to overstretch the bowel wall. With the Woods’ Gravity Method, the water will come back out preventing the possibility of over-filling the bowel.