If you have been researching Colonic Irrigation or Colon Hydrotherapy, you may have questions or concerns. Please know that we take all of your concerns to heart and endeavor to make this a positive experience in every way.


Does it hurt?

No. When colon therapy is done properly it is gentle, works closely the body’s rhythm and there is no pain.


What are the benefits?

You should feel lighter, better, clearer, at the end of your treatment. Colonics can actually help your bowel to work more efficiently and with greater regularity.


How many treatments will I need?

Most people will benefit from an annual or bi-annual treatment. Some people need more depending on their individual bowel pattern and reasons for seeking treatment. Your therapist will be able to better evaluate your needs after your first treatment.


How long does it take?

Every treatment is slightly different, but you should plan to be in our office for 45- 60 minutes, with about half an hour consisting of dedicated one-on-one treatment with your therapist.


Does it wash away all of the friendly bacteria?

No. A small amount of normal flora is removed during the treatment, but is easily replaced by taking acidophilus capsules at the end of the treatment. A gentle treatment combined with these capsules should replenish the normal flora of your bowel within 24 hours. We can also implant friendly bacteria into the bowel during your treatment, please speak with your therapist about this option.


Is it hygienic?

Yes. All of our equipment is sterilized in a medical autoclave at 275°F for 45 minutes, and fresh, clean gowns and sheets are used for each client. We also have disposable equipment available, upon request. Every effort is taken to provide a clean, hygienic, and safe environment.


How is a colonic different from an enema?

Both treatments are designed to remove fecal matter from the bowel, however there is a large difference between the two. An enema only cleanses the lower 8-12 inches of the colon, while a colonic will cleanse the entire large intestine; that can be over 7 feet! A colonic may even stimulate a release of the cecum where toxins from the small intestine will collect, which an enema will not. Enemas are accomplished through the retention or water, thereby stretching and weakening the bowel wall. A colonic stimulates the bowel muscle through the gentle flow of the water which strengthens the bowel wall, not weakens it. Also, enemas can be quite messy and uncomfortable, while a colonic is safe, supervised, sanitary, and no mess whatsoever.


Is it dangerous?

No. When therapists are properly trained, colonics are perfectly safe. There is no possibility of cross-contamination (as there was with machine colonics in the early 70’s). We don’t use a pressurized machine, we use the Woods’ Gravity Method, which gently works with the body. With our system, you can never be given too much water to overstretch the bowel wall. With the Woods’ Gravity Method, the water will come back out preventing the possibility of over-filling the bowel.