Set in the High Park area on the edge of Bloor West Village, Towns Natural Health Clinic provides services to help you cleanse and promote health, healing, and well-being. Based in Toronto for more than 30 years, our therapists have been providing colon hydrotherapy and helping people to understand that overall health can be determined by digestive wellness.

In combination with good nutrition, colonic irrigation can provide a safe and gentle way to heal the body, making digestion and elimination more efficient. Colonics are a proven method for alleviating a variety of symptoms caused by poor absorption and/or food allergies; and used proactively, can be key to good physical maintenance and disease prevention.

In addition to physical causes, a variety of life’s emotional and physical experiences can compromise our natural constitution. Disharmony and disease can result. At Towns Natural Health Clinic we are committed to individual therapy. Our Colon Hydrotherapists provide a safe, comforting and educational approach to restoring your well-being.